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Welcome to The Hernandez Medjool Date Farm website. We sell California grown medjool date fruit and medjool date palms (phoenix dactylifera.) We sell Medjool dates in bulk. About 90% of all Medjool dates and Deglet Noor dates consumed in the US are California dates. The date fruit is often categorized as dried fruit, but dates are actually moist when sold and dry out out a little if held in storage for a long time. Medjool dates in particular are very large and moist and very sweet, and take a while to become dried fruit. Medjool dates cannot be categorized as dried fruit, Deglet Noor Dates are more likely to dry out, but the for the most part dates sold in the US are not dried fruit. Most dry fruit is dehydrated, the date fruit is naturally drier than most fruits and really an entirely different fruit. The date palm is also not a tree or vine, it is a palm(phoenix dactylifera). Medjool dates come from a palm and require a lot of labor to get them to grow large.

The Hernandez Medjool date farm is a date orchard in Thermal, California. Most California dates are grown in the same general area. Professional produce buyers are familiar with the high quality produce from the Hernandez Farm of the Coachella Valley and the same quality can be expected from the Medjool Dates. The Hernandez Farm has been shipping fresh produce to the Los Angeles produce markets for the last 25 years.

Brief Medjool Date Background

The date fruit can be credited for allowing Western Civilization to develop. The date fruit is a very ancient fruit. The date fruit was part of the staple diet of the ancient people of Sumeria and the middle east were western civilization began. In early Sumeria, dates fruit were comparable to bread in Europe. Dates were a staple food of the ancient middle east and even today are still widely eaten. References to honey in the Bible and other ancient documents are believed to be references to a honey made from dates. A food made from milk and date honey is commonly eaten today and was probably eaten in ancient times. Dates have a lot of nutritients and good to prevent certains types of cancers. The nutritional value of dates makes the date fruit a powerfood. The pictures of the date trees (date palms, no such thing as date trees, but commonly called date trees) show how dates are grown. The date fruit grows in clusters at first the fruit is green and grows into a yellow fruit. The medjool date is reduced by hand picking some dates to allow the remaining dates to grow bigger. If the date is allowed to remain on the tree it will dry out, you get dried fruit naturally if allowed to stay on the tree for several months past the harvesting season. Even medjool dates dry out if left on the date palm. The date fruit is harvested in fall and can be stored for a long time. In the Middle East the date fruit is eaten year round and stored without refrigeration. The dates most commonly eaten in the Middle East are mildly sweet and much dryer and much smaller than the Medjool date. The Medjool date gets much sweeter with time, but it does dehydrate with time. The Medjool date is so sweet that it is prepared by essentially encasing it in a shell of sugar leaking from the date fruit itself. The Medjool date is eaten more as a dessert food than as a staple food, but the same is not true of the less sweet dates, which are part of the staple diet of the Middle East

We do not offer Ramadan Dates. The Ramadan Date is a variety of date that is edible before ripening. The Medjool date is not available until after Ramadan when it is harvested. The Ramadan date is really an unripen date, or other dates taken out of storage from the previous year's harvest. Ramadan starts August 1 and requires fasting during day hours, but dates commonly eaten before sunrise and after sunset. The date is mentioned in many religious literature, because the date has been around since the beginning of many religions.

It is our goal to make this website the most comprehensive website on California dates, Medjool Dates, date palms, and edible dates in general. This site is naturally about California grown dates, date fruit and date palms. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

Medjool Date Shoots And Date Palms

The Hernandez Medjool Date farm offers date palm trees, California grown Medjool date shoots. We offer bare root shoots and also date palm trees in containters. The shoots in containers are well established and will produce fruit in the right growing conditions. We do not mind if you intend to grown your competing farm and would be more than happy to provide you with all the palm trees (palms) you want. The availability of these Medjool date palm trees for sale (there is no such thing as a date palm tree, but most people refer to date palms as date palm trees) varies. The date palms will produce Medjool dates if properly cared for and if grown in the right conditions. Date palms from seed can produce any type of date and even new varieties of dates, but are unlikely to produce the intended fruit. The Medjool date palm trees we offer are intended for commercial production of medjool dates. These Medjool date palms require a hot desert dry environment and require plenty of water. A lot of patience is required to grow medjool dates or any other variety of dates. It takes about 4-5 years for these shoots to start producing fruit. The availaiblity of palms varies and inventory levels can range from a dozen to several hundred. Those in containers are subject to greater variance in availability. Minimum purchase is 50 medjool date palms or shoots.

If you are looking for information on Medjool dates calories, Medjool dates nutrition facts, Medjool date palms, or the Medjool dates benefits look through our site. You will probably find an answer to your inquiry here.

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Types Of Dates Fruit

The more common dates are the: Aabel, Ajwah, Al-Barakah, Amir Hajj or 'Amer Hajj', Abid Rahim ,Barakawi, Barhee or (barhi), Bireir, Deglet Noor, Derrie or Dayri , Empress , Ftimi or Alligue, Holwah (Halawi), Haleema, Hayany, Iteema, Khajur, Kenta, Khadrawy, Khalasah, 'Khlas', Khastawi (Khusatawi, Kustawy), Maktoom, Manakbir, Medjool, Migraf, Mgmaget Ayuob , Mishriq, Mozafati , Nabtat-seyf , Rotab, Saidy (Saidi), Sayer (Sayir), Sekkeri, Sellaj, Tagyat, Tamej, Thoory (Thuri), Umeljwary, Umelkhashab , Zahidi, Zaghloul

Our site is about dates fruit. The Hernandez Medjool Date farm is the place to buy dates and date palm trees. This is the place to order medjool dates in bulk and to buy wholesale palms.

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