Getting To Know The Date Fruit

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The date fruit has been around for about 7,000 years.  Seeds from around 6,500 B.C. have been found in different forms throughout the middle east.  The evidence suggests that the date fruit was cultivated a while back and that it allowed civilizations to develop.  It appears in many archeological findings and throughout much of ancient history.   Date orchards were important enough that laws were written when laws were first put in writing.  There were laws which allowed workers exploited by date orchard owners to reap some benefit and take some of the harvest.
Despite the longevity of the date fruit, it is not well known in western countries.  Most Americans have no clue about dates and many are surprised when they first eat it.  More surprisingly is that the date fruit is grown in California.  California grows plenty of dates in the southern deserts.  The Coachella Valley in California accounts for about 90% of the total date production in the US.  Arizona also has tracts of Medjool Dates, is considered to be a superior date, in fact it is considered to be the King of Dates.  California grows a variety of dates including the M edjool Date.
The date fruit has been around for thousands of years because it is a very special kind of fruit.  It is a fruit that can be stored for many months, much like grains.  It allowed civilizations to develop, because people could it year round as part of their staple diet.  Even today the date is part of the staple diet in the Middle East and North Africa.
The fruit is a very special fruit for other reasons.  It is considered to be a power food.  It has a lot of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and other nutrients.  The characteristics of this fruit also cleanse the stomach, help prevent certain types of cancers, and keep your body regular.  The date palm provides a source of food and the palm itself provides all types of useful things.  In fact the date palm is believed to be the tree of life.
The date palm was used in its entirety it was used to make mats, houses, to provide fuel for fire, rope, and many other useful things.  The date palm is all that is needed to live.  It provides all the essential things including food and shelter, that is why it is believed to be the tree of life.  The date palm is not actually a tree, it is a palm, and more akin to grass.
The date fruit will likely gain popularity among athletes as athletes learn that it is one of the most powerful energy boosting foods.  Best of all the date fruit is all natural and the Medjool Date is sweeter than candy bars.  The Medjool Date is used to make honey and as a sugar substitute.  Everyone should try the  date fruit  at least once.  It is a very sweet fruit, with a texture similar to raisins, so it is not necessarily a fruit that is appreciated by all, but often people get hooked.  It is so sweet and addictive that some individuals regularly eat them in large portions and concerned enough they look up the nutritional content, which to their surprise is the best.

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