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Medjool Date Farm For Sale

Are you looking to retire to Palm Springs and perhaps own and operate your very own date farm in California ? The Hernandez Medjool Date Farm is for sale, over 1,000 Medjool date palms producing fruit on a 20 acre farm. Fully fenced with chain link fence. The date farm is growing at about 100 palms per year. It is a 20 acre date orchard. This date orchard has it very own water well and is near the Thermal Airport in Thermal, California right next to La Quinta. This California date farm is ripe for ownership transfer. Asking $4.7 million.

Date Palms

All the medjool date palms at this farm are on drip and you can also water with water canal whenever you desire. The soil is clean, meaning it can pass organic certification and in fact we seeking organic medjool date certification, which may have passed by the time you come around to deciding you want to buy this date farm in California.

It is rare that you can find a date producing farm with such young date palm trees. These palm trees are going to be producing dates for the next 60 to 80 years. This is date farm in California is one of a kind. Especially if you are contemplating to retire to the Coachella Valley, it is very close to Indio and La Quinta in fact it is minutes from La Quinta. This area is the golfing capital and should you decide you want to keep a few horses, that you can do as well. In fact several high end horses are kept about a quarter of mile away. Contact us for a tour and for more details.

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There are many farms for sale, but fewer California Farms for sale, but few date farms for sale, and no medjool date farms for sale, except for this one. Medjool date palms are very rare and hard to get, but with purchase of this California medjool date farm you will have all the date palms you could want and could grow it as much as you want and expand as much as you want. You will not find a farm for sale in California like this one, because there are no other mejdool date palm tree farms for sale anywhere else. Don't miss it.

Organic Farm For Sale In California

  • The Hernandez Medjool Date Farm is an organic farm seeking organic certification
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    California Ranch For Sale, 20 Acres of Land, Planted With Medjool Date Palms

    The Hernandez Medjool Date Farm


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